The New (ish) Top Gear: Season 23 Episode 1 Review



I’ll admit it, I am a huge fan of the original trio, as I think most everyone is despite  the large viewership that occurred with the first episode of the revamped Top Gear. Despite this, there was no shortage of action on Twitter from angry former fans condemning the show. Soon after its showing, Chris Evans took to Twitter angrily defending the show in what was, quite honestly, a pathetic showing. All of that aside, lets get to why you’re actually here, the show.

The season starts off with what can only be described as an awkward at best introduction of the show and the hosts made worse by the obvious copy cat action of the former host by Chris Evans. That soon becomes the trend throughout the show as a nasal and annoyingly voiced ( maybe that’s just to me) host blatantly trying his best to be a second rate Clarkson. This is made worse only by Matt’s “exciting as a pile of rocks” performance. His monotone voice, drones on throughout segments, never showing the faintest hint of enthusiasm for his new position. The show also hammer’s into you that Matt is American, with American themed cars, and clothing among other references. Aside from Matt and Chris, Sabine is also nothing but a reference at best throughout the episode. As obviously the most talented, at least in the driving division, you would hope they would better employ her talents. The hosts however, are only part of the problem.


The segments are near mirror images of episodes of yesteryear, only executed far worse. If anything, you can give them that they are consistent in their terribleness. It seems that instead of trying something new and perhaps redeeming the show as, at least, a valiant attempt to once again reinvent the wheel, as it were, they instead employ this technique of shameless reproduction.  Familiar segments such as “the star in a reasonably priced car” seemed forced and uncreative. This episode featured Gordon Ramsay and Jesse Eisenberg. In retrospect, maybe these two should have been approached as hosts as they both had loads more charisma than any of the current staff.


As the series evolves, can it get better? I’m not sure, Obviously using the same exact formula, you would think they would be able to acquire some level of, at least, mediocrity but with the hosts, as is, there is a lot of doubt. We will see what happens as more episodes are aired. Look for further reviews as well as reviews of the ” The Grand Tour” with the classic boys as soon as it airs.

And on that bombshell…

Top Gear Season 23 Trailer


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