Top Gear Is Dead

Time of death, 8 PM, June 5th, 2016

After the premier of its second episode with the new cast, and for some reason nearly identical format,  the newest season of Top Gear looks to be dead, or at least on terminal life support. With viewership nearly HALF of  that of the premier episode, which was followed by hordes of negative feedback, the show does not have a great outlook. With Chris Evans and the BBC already digging the grave with the pre-premier antics and post premier let downs, will this bode well for the current cast? Will the BBC try to refresh the show yet again next season? Will it in fact be, the final death of Top Gear?

Another nail in the coffin of Top Gear is the ever amusing antics of the original trio themselves. With little more than a box and an office the classic Top Gear boys have amassed millions of views on YouTube with hilariously positive reviews in comparison to their replacements.

It doesn’t look good for Evans, Leblanc and the other however many hosts they are still trying to stuff into the new season.  So how was the new episode, you ask? Well it was just as hard to get through as the last. With painfully forced jokes, and an incredibly awkward chemistry ( can you even call it that)

the show has not improved. The show attempts to stuff 6 additional guests on top of LeBlanc and Evans,  which creates a confusing, and overwhelming amount of people to pay attention to. Three of the hosts participate in a South Africa SUV challenge which is boring at best and leaves you wanting of the antics of Clarkson and the boys, with them leaving each other behind, breaking down, and cracking jokes. At one point in this misadventure, one SUV breaks down in the African wild, is suddenly in town being repaired, and then again somewhere back in the wild. All of this, on top of the terrible other challenges and terrible chemistry between the guest hosts and the other two leave the viewer in wishing maybe the were dead instead of watching.

The new rally style course for a star in a reasonably priced car segment seems boring in what should have been an elevation of concept. The mini, somehow worse than the econo-boxes from days of yore, and the narration of the laps, and sad attempt at imitation. Even the segment featuring the Mclaren F1 and Mclaren 675LT falls short of expectations. With blatant over acting, and a lack of really any significant facts and figures as well as ANOTHER guest appearance, Top Gear is absolutely over compensating for the loss of its true stars. So you heard it hear first, Top Gear is dead.


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