Aston Martin/Red Bull Hyper Car! Code Name: Nebula

Is This The Ultimate Street Legal Racecar?

Their is a new hypercar on the horizon. Code named Nebula or the AM-RB 001 as it is known internally ( Aston Martin Red Bull 001). This car is reportedly a full carbon fiber car, with a mid-engine, Cosworth developed, naturally aspirated V12 drivetrain , and much like the Koenigsegg, a 1 to 1 power to weight ration in regards to kilos to hp. The car is also expected to have the lowest ride height of any production vehicle. Aston Martin has reportedly started to take deposits of $350,000 or 10% which equates to the car being north of $3.5 million dollars. Those with pockets deep enough for the vehicle have been shown a full scale model which is about 70-80% accurate of the final build according to Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer.  Don’t expect to see many around though, as only 99 are currently slated to be made. The car is to include technology both from the Red Bull F1 team as well as Aston Martin. With the V12 expected to be used, a similar engine to the one found in the new Aston Martin Vulcan is probably not a far stretch in regards to what we can expect to see, although the internal goodies and build will again, be from Cosworth. With other details being kept very secretive, there is not much else to go on at the moment, but we will post updates as we have them!


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