Top Gear Season 23, Episode 5 Review

The most boring episode yet.

Whether the rumors of Matt leaving the show or not, at the moment he is still there, so we’re still here, giving you the latest review. Getting right into it, the first segment briefly features “the British super lightweights”. Some amazing cars for sure with some familiar faces in the lineup such as the Lotus, Caterham 7, Ariel Atom,  the Radical, and the real star of the segment, the  all new Zenos E10. Evans leads this segment which as usual is quite unfortunate, although again, he is starting to try and do his own thing instead of blatantly copying Clarkson. At one point they race the Zenos against the Ford Focus ST (from which the Zenos drivetrain is derived) but we won’t spoil the (obvious) results.


The Segway is awkward, forced, and frankly it is sad, but we’re getting used to it. (Seriously, how sad is that?) They then hand the Zenos over to the Stig and give it a go around the track. Maybe it’s just us, but who else hates hearing Evans name off the corners…  The Zenos is predictably quick around the track.

Heading into Matt’s segment, we see him in the new Rolls Royce Dawn. The monstrous British luxury cruiser, while the size of a small yacht, is none the less gorgeous. The segment, is probably one of Matt’s best. Maybe the car’s subdued personality just matches up with his to make the segment work just right. The filming is of course, beautiful, this is Top Gear after all, but really the segment is lacking any real excitement or even interesting information. The producers seem to be trying to craft Matt into the new James May, but what Matt has in subdued personality, he lacks in automotive knowledge and highbrow British humor, leaving him much like the rest of the show, a shallow reflection of the golden years of Top Gear and the legendary cast.


Following the Rolls, Matt and Evans take part in a forced bit of what is supposed to be comedy with a back and forth of Matt loving the car and Evans hating it. Skip past it if you have the ability unless you like cringing.

Chris Harris then drives the new BMW M2. He begins by saying it’s essentially the new M3, with the M3 no longer being the M3. All very sill semantics really, but hey so is Chris Harris, and so is the bit. The whole segment follows suit with the rest of the episode, by being extremely boring.

The stars in a rally car this episode are Paul Hollywood and Jennifer Saunders. Saunders is an English comedian and writer and Hollywood is a celebrity chef. At this point the show has just become hard to get through. They push through the terrible sub-segments, the best first car, and the courtesy intros. The whole bit is just harsh and unpleasant.

top gear stars
After more terribly written jokes delivered by Matt, Rory Reid follows up with a segment featuring the Jaguar F Type SVR convertible. The intro, in actually quite good with a bit of cinematic storytelling and a recreation of a historic Jaguar road trip to the Geneva Motor Show, only this time instead of unveiling an E Type, it is the new SVR convertible. It should be mentioned at this point, that Reid has become easily the shows best host. The segment is also the best of the episode, especially for fans of automotive history, though it still seems a bit off not having May or perhaps even Hammond driving it and giving the narration.


The segment also features the legendary Norman Dewis, who if you don’t know who he is, definitely give Google a search and give it a read. Fascinating guy. (Pictured below)

normandewisThe show ends as badly as it started with another awkward segment with Matt and Chris arguing about whether a new Rolls or an old is better, with some input from the locals. Pro tip: end the show at the Jaguar segment.


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