Chris Evans Calls It Quits; Leaves Top Gear

In what can only be called a victory for fans of the original show and in reality, for those hoping Top Gear would continue on in a positive fashion after the original three hosts parted ways with the program, Chris Evans has given up his position as host of Top Gear. He was quoted as saying ” I gave it my best shot”, but was reportedly fed up with the negative backlash the show has continued to receive throughout this season.

While he will remain a BBC employee and persist with his radio show, he has no interest in pursuing Top Gear any longer. What remains to be seen is if the recent police investigation, officially launched this morning, in regards to his alleged sexual assaults in the 90’s had anything to do with his leaving as well.

Last week, co-host Matt Leblanc reportedly made statements saying he would leave the show if Evans refused to step down. While there have been no correlations made yet between that rumor and his official resignation, it does seem to give it more credibility.

The latest season of Top Gear has posted rapidly declining viewership and almost uniform negativity by reviewers and viewers alike with each episode essentially worse than the last. The American spin off of Top Gear was also recently cancelled, and may not bode well for Top Gear UK, especially with the premier of The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson premiering soon.

No replacement hosts have been announced as of yet however it is rumored that the BBC plans on making Leblanc the main host for the time being.


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