Skateboarder Deals Street Justice to Stop Sign Running Mclaren

I don’t know who is more in the wrong here, but it sure hurts to see such a beautiful car get smashed up this way. From what you can see and hear in the video, it appears that the Mclaren coasts through a stop sign, possibly almost hitting or at least startling a skateboarder who then proceeds to take some street justice to the windshield of the Mclaren. The skateboarder then makes a smart decision to run for it as the passenger of the Mclaren takes pursuit. This windshield is surely several grand to replace, but that is nothing compared to the possible medical bills of running someone over. Definitely a lose loser situation it would seem. Take a hint from the video and pay attention when driving, follow those traffic laws, and look both ways before you cross the street. Oh, and also never film vertically…


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