NOPE: Sorry, There Is No AWD Hellcat

That’s right everyone. There is no all-wheel drive Hellcat on the way. Like a game of telephone in middle-school, this 100% false rumor started after several outlets incorrectly posted information based on an article by News), which stated Dodge had announced a wide body Hellcat variant called the ADR, or American Drag Racer, as well as a new AWD V6 Dodge Challenger, which is indeed true. What is not true is how this information became twisted into the statement that an AWD variant of the Hellcat was on its way. Major automotive news outlets, all of whom somehow failed to do any fact checking whatsoever, have unfortunately given false hope to a plethora of auto-enthusiasts today. Take it is a lesson learned everyone, and do some fact checking, or at the very least, a quick Google search before taking everything as true.

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