Jeremy Clarkson: A Man Of Simple Tastes

As die hard petrol-heads, we’ve all dreamed of being in the position to hurl exotic, multi-million dollar hypercars around a racetrack while being paid to do it like Clarkson, Hammond, and May. Well it looks like maybe as the popular saying goes,  the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Jeremy Clarkson wrote for his most recent car review in the UK’s “The Sunday Times”, that-

 ” I spend most of my life whizzing hither and thither in exotica made from platinum and rhodium and fitted with engines that roar and bellow and spit fire. And all I want on the way home is a Ford Fiesta ST.”

He goes on to use an analogy, comparing driving exotic cars to being offered overly complicated and often unappetizing sounding high end meals by chefs at the hotels he stays at while traveling when he would much rather have a simple meal.

“I know it will offer me a choice of sautéed sheep’s brains and the barely formed areola of a lightly salted baby pig, and suddenly I become overwhelmed by the urgent need for a poached egg on toast.”

Like food and exotic cars, it seems Jeremy is a fan of the simple things in all areas of life. He goes on to compare the lavish vacations of some of his friends, to a simple family picture, a scene he would much rather be in than some exotic locale.

“…friends posting pictures of themselves on beaches in Greece and on boats off Italy and in hot springs in Colorado. And then one day there was a photograph of a friend’s wife and kids playing at Daymer Bay in Cornwall and I almost vomited with envy.”

While these statements will doubtfully sway any of us from pining for Clarkson and the boy’s day job, maybe it can at least inspire us to look around once in a while and appreciate what we have. In the end maybe, a couple dear friends, a dependable car, and a home cooked meal with your family is enough.

Source: The Sunday Times


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