The Best Enthusiast Cars of 2016 (Under 100k)

Here at Garagizta, we are dedicated to the everyday enthusiast! It is in this spirit that we have compiled our list of the best enthusiast cars for 2016 (under 100k). Sure there may be some hypercars or supercars that drive better or put down faster lap times, but those are left for the select few in that income bracket. All of these cars can be purchased, for the most part, by a wide variety of people, and even more important, they are all amazing driver’s cars. Fast, fun, great handling, exciting, and affordable. Check them out, and let us know what you think!

1-      Ford Mustang GT350R

The GT350R tops our list for the best enthusiast car for 2016 for a multitude of reasons. It’s impressive power from the fantastic flat plane crank V8, it’s superb handling characteristics, and it’s jaw dropping good looks are but a few. Add all of this to the incredible bargain of a price ($63,495), especially if you can find one that hasn’t been ridiculously marked up by dealers for “market adjustment”, and you have a car that without a doubt, deserves the number one spot.

2-      Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

Small, lightweight, gorgeous design, and a delightfully easy to operate drop top. What does that describe? The number two car on our Best Enthusiast Cars of 2016. The Fiat 124 Spider takes the tried and true formula of the Mazda Miata, throws in a healthy dose of Italian flare, a sexy exhaust note, and gives you one fantastic car for the driving enthusiast. Those looking for high horsepower should look elsewhere, but for those who want to really enjoy the driving experience as a whole, look no further. Take note FRS/BRZ, this is how you make a small, lightweight, and fun to drive car.

3-      Chevrolet Camaro SS

The newest iteration of the American classic showcases a host of impressive upgrades. Redesigned body styling provides a much more modern look and much needed overhaul to the Camaro. The 16′ model has also improved upon the often maligned interior, which Chevy has always had issues with. In addition to aesthetics, the Camaro SS increases horsepower and loses weight, both welcome changes, and also provides an increase to handling and ride quality with now available Magnetic Ride Control suspension. The Camaro is also an excellent deal priced far below many other brands in terms of performance per dollar.

4-      Porsche Cayman GT4

The most expensive car on our list (per MSRP) the Cayman offers one of the very best driving experiences available, making it well worth the price. The GT4, making excellent power to weight, partly due to Porsche including components from the fabled 918, is also one of the lightest vehicles on the list, beaten only by the Fiat. The GT4 has been widely reviewed as one of the best sports cars available and the best bang for the buck you can get from Porsche. Add this to the car being a comfortable daily driver, and a true track weapon, and you have a car which undoubtedly belong on any top list of cars for 2016.

5-      BMW M2

The Germans round out our list with the excellent M2. Hailed by some journalists as being the true successor to the much loved previous generations of the BMW M3, the M2 provides power, style, refinement, and all the driving prowess you’ve come to expect from the M series. Unlike the tacky looking M4 GTS, the M2 still looks powerful, yet subtle, and possesses a wonderful turbocharged, inline-six cylinder with an output of 365hp. An excellent choice for those who want to display a certain image while retaining a car they can hoon about in on the weekends or the drive home from work, the M2 is no doubt one of the best enthusiast cars of 2016.


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