Ok say we can’t confirm that TRX stands for The Raptor Xterminator, but it definitely should right?

Today at the Texas State Fair, Fiat Chrysler’s Ram brand unveiled the possible new version of the Ram Rebel. The truck features an unprecedented, supercharged V-8 with an output of 575hp, and is capable of sustained driving at over 100mph. The TRX also features massive 37 inch tires, and 13 inches of suspension travel, almost 50% more than the standard Rebel.

The vice president of the Ram brand, Jim Morrison, said that it wasn’t an official trim level just yet, but that “we have to judge the reaction to it”, and “listen to our customers.” Making a jab at their competition, Morrison also made sure to note in the unveiling that the TRX had a horsepower output of over 100hp more than the Ford Raptor.

If Ram does decide to officially put the TRX into production, you can reasonably expect a few tweaks to the concept, but if Dodge wants to truly hit the ground running against the well-established Ford Raptor, they would do well to keep it close to the same performance numbers.

Ford has dominated the high performance truck market with their Raptor for over 5 years, and no one else has entered the ring as a true competitor. The TRX could finally change that. For now, we will just have to keep our fingers crossed. Check out more pictures after the break.

Source http://www.autonews.com/article/20160929/OEM04/309309988/ram-packs-rebel-with-supercharged-575-hp-v-8


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