Jeremy Clarkson,Richard Hammond, & James May LIVE Q&A DRIVETRIBE Launch

Yesterday Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May hosted a live question and answer session on their new “Facebook for car enthusiasts site”, ironically on Facebook.  Their new Site “DRIVETRIBE” which officially launched Monday, November 28th, is open to everyone with a Facebook account (because that is the only way to sign in, and create an account). The trio introduced the new site a few months ago with teaser trailers, but otherwise very little information. Later on, they allowed a limited number of people to get early access as “Tribe Leaders” to play around on the site and start creating Tribes.

Jeremy, Hammond, and May, all have their own Tribes and have invited everyone to be among the first of their first followers. While each had great things to say about their own Tribes, when people asked the trio what they thought of each other’s Tribes, of course, they said, “They are Rubbish, all of it is just rubbish.” They did come to terms at a point, saying, “they are just different.”


During the live session today they also laid down what DRIVETRIBE is about, how to use it, and how you can become a Tribe Leader as well. If you would just like to follow other pages, you can do that too! Along with basic information about the site the three had some fun at each other’s expense, as you would expect. Jeremy joked that James May would create “What is the best type of screw driver” Tribe, after which James agreed that he just might do just that, even though it may not get much traffic.

The three took live questions from Facebook followers including “what type of Tribes you could create”. The trio explained that you could create a Tribe for almost anything. You could even create a Tribe for bicycles. While I don’t know if this Tribe would get much traffic, go for it you bicycle enthusiasts!  Richard Hammond even brought up that you could make a Tribe on the basis of hating cars and motoring all together, which while I would wonder why you even joined a website called DRIVETRIBE, you could still do it.


A few of the Tribes which were mentioned during the live stream were “shitty car Mods”. Which is a Tribe dedicated to posting poorly done vehicle modifications, “Curves, Soulful Driving” which has some interesting photos and videos including one of a man pretending to drive, that Clarkson made some fun of, joking that he didn’t have a wife, and a wide range of others.

In a separate interview regarding DRIVETRIBE, Richard Hammond even dared to ask the question “Wouldn’t you love to see a tribe of Traffic Wardens [Police]? I really hope that there are some Tribes that really set my teeth on edge. “He continued to say, “We have one tribe focusing on rusty trucks and another about dogs in cars,” showing off that there is already a huge variety of tribes. There is something for everyone, even non-motoring enthusiasts.


So what will your Tribe be? Will you be a Leader, a follower or both?Be sure and join the Grand Tour Nation Tribe!

Sources: Facebook, The Sun


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