Mercedes-AMG GT R Sets Nurburgring Record

Germany’s Sport Auto magazine has taken Mercedes-Benz/AMG’s new GT R to the Nurburgring aka “The Green Hell”, quite possibly the most notorious lap time location in the world, and they have done one hell of a lap.

The car, a 577bhp twin-turbo V8, has completed an amazing, albeit unofficial, lap time of just 7m and 10.9s. For reference, that is ten seconds quicker than the Ferrari 488 GTB and just over 2 seconds behind the might Godzilla, Nissan’s similarly named GT-R Nismo. The car is now the unofficial holder of the fastest rear wheel drive, street-legal car around the legendary Ring.


Why is the time unofficial you ask? Well, Sport Auto’s driver Christian Gebhardt was the driver, not an official company driver. Also, the boss of AMG, Tobias Moers had this to say to told Top Gear recently, stating, ” I don’t see the value in doing lap records. Yes, we did one with the SLS Electric Drive, but that was a standard car. I always have some doubts if a manufacturer announces a new record”. 

The most exciting part of this amazing performance is that the Black Edition is still forthcoming, and maybe, just maybe, it might even be able to outpace the awesome performance of the Nissan GT-R Nismo!


Stay tuned for updates and more exciting automotive news and entertainment here at Automoguls.

Source: Top Gear


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