Everything We Know About The 2020 Ford Bronco

ord recently announced that the much beloved Bronco would indeed be returning, after years of speculation, and that we would see it in 2020, 24 years after leaving the market in 1996.Not only will the SUV/Truck icon be returning, but it will also be proudly produced at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant. Can we hear a ‘Merica?!

So what do we know about the returning icon so far? We’ve compiled a list of all the confirmed information so far.

It Will Be Body On Frame

Ford has confirmed that the Bronco, much like the Jeep Wrangler, will be a body on frame vehicle, no unibody here. The Product Development Chief for Ford, Raj Nair, has said it will share a frame with the Ranger, which will also be debuting once again in 2020. The frame will most likely be aluminum, much like the current F-150, and the Jeep Wrangler (as of 2018).

No One Is Sure What It Will Look Like

No official pictures of the new Bronco have been shared by Ford, but there have been many unofficial renderings shared across the web. The best current guess is from Reddit and an AMA by an anonymous but verified designer from the Ford Development center. According to the designer, the Bronco will be “very similar to the current Ford Everest”, which is a five-door SUV which is sold in markets outside of the USA.

It Will Probably Be Powered By An EcoBoost engine

With Ford’s current plans utilizing various EcoBoost engines, and the recent announcement stating that even the Mustang and F-150 would be seeing hybrid versions in the near future, it’s safe to say we will see something similar in the Bronco. You can expect something in the range of 300 HP and probably, even more torque, but don’t expect anything which could compete with the Raptor, at least not initially.

It Will Be Developed In Australia

While it will be built in Michigan, the Bronco is going to be developed almost exclusively in Austrailia at Ford’s Asia-Pacific Engineering Center in Victoria. Likewise, the new Ranger will also be developed at the same location.

Prices Will Probably Start Around $30-$40,000

Given that the current Ford Everest on which the Bronco will be largely based and it’s price of around $40,000, it’s safe to say that we can expect to see the same price range for the Bronco. As usual with Ford, expect a large number of options which will more than likely drive the price well into the $50,000 range.

It Will Debut in 2019, And Launch In 2020

The Bronco is currently slated for a 2019 debut, probably at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Barring any unforeseen changes, we can expect it to go on sale for the 2020 model year.

Source: Road & Track


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