The Alfa Romeo 4C Has a Terrible Design Flaw

No car is perfect. Maybe the driver’s seat sits a little too high or the visibility isn’t great, but these flaws are usually easy to forgive. Some cars, however, have huge design flaws that make you wonder what exactly the designers were thinking. That’s the case with the Alfa Romeo 4C and the ridiculously complicated procedure used in order to do something as simple as check and refill the car’s washer fluid.

Posted over a year ago by Bob-Boy Alfa Romeo Fiat on their YouTube channel here, but blowing up on various social media and automotive channels today, is this video of the process used to complete a check and fill of the Alfa’s insanely placed washer fluid reservoir. The process is far from typical requiring special tools and even actual disassembly of part of the vehicle.

What do you think? Is this one of the worst design decisions on a car? Does it add to the character of the car, or does it simply make the car more of a headache to own? Personally, I would probably forget about it until it was empty and then put off refilling it as long as possible!

What other cars have you owned or seen that have crazy designs like the Alfa Romeo 4C? Let us know in the comments!


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