2017 Ford GT, The Numbers: 647 HP, 550 TQ, & An Insane Top Speed

While it debuted at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, up until now the official performance numbers for the 2017 Ford GT have been open to speculation. It was well known that we could expect over 600 HP, but curb weight, specific output, and top speed were all in the void of mechanical possibilities. Rest easy, we have the numbers.

Ford developed and built the Ford GT to destroy its European competitors. While that is still in the air, the numbers do look impressive. Ford officially claims that the GT has a specific output of 647 To call it an EcoBoost is a bit of a stretch, though.There is clearly nothing “eco” about the new Ford racer with EPA measurements tracking the newest car in Ford’s lineup at only 11 mpg city and 18 highway, which are far lower than its competitors and equally unimpressive from an engine of its size and construction. This is especially true considering the car’s weight; the Ford GT tips the scales at about 3200 lbs with fluids including fuel.


All that power is obviously not for mpg’s, and we doubt anyone who was able to purchase the car even asked what it made, other than to crack jokes at the supercar roundtable. What that power is good for is reaching a claimed top speed of 216 mph. To put that in perspective, the 666 Hp/516 Lb-ft Mclaren 675LT hits the limit at around 205 mph, and the 660 Hp/561 Lb-ft Ferrari 488GTB will top out at about the same (FYI, the LaFerrari & P1 both top out around 217).  Both of those cars are also relatively lightweight like the GT, tipping the scales at 2982 lbs and 3252 lbs, respectively.

So which of Ford’s competitors are fastest around a track. This question will no doubt be up for debate for a long time, most likely without a clear victor depending on who you ask. If you ask Ford, they will show you the numbers they published, along with the performance numbers, reflecting a test which was completed at Ontario’s Calabogie Motorsports Park. The publication states that the three cars were tested on the same day, with the same driver, same fuel, and all cars having new tires. In this case, the Ford is reported to have run a 2:09.8, the McLaren a 2:10.8, and the Ferrari a 2:12.9. Take it for what you will.


So what do you think of the numbers? Better than you expected, worse? Is it worth the price, or has Ford fallen flat? It will be interesting to see how it competes in the real world, however unlikely that is (very). Let us know what you think in the comments!


Sources: RoadandTrack, MotorTrend


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