The New Ford Raptor Absolutely Eats The Old Raptor Alive: 2017 vs. 2014!

There has been a LOT of hate for the decision by Ford to change the Raptor over to a twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 rather than sticking with a V8 engine. Comments have been made with typically uneducated nonsense like, “it’s not a real truck without a V8”, or “there’s no replacement for displacement bro!”, but like it or not, boost is better, at least when it comes to a drag race between factory versions of the 2017 and 2014 Ford Raptors, anyways.

Still in disbelief? Check out this video from our friends over at The Fast Lane Truck, on their YouTube channel and see for yourself!

So what do you think? The result really shouldn’t be a surprise with the new Raptor being down hundreds of pounds in weight as well as having a notable increase in both horsepower and torque, but no doubt there will be those who still naysay. What about you?Have you been swayed, or should Ford still have kept the V8?

Let us know in the comments!


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