Dodge has unveiled their newest high-performance vehicle, the Demon, and to say it’s fast would be an understatement.

While Dodge has been unveiling teaser after teaser for weeks now, the final release yesterday gave us all the down low, minus the actual price. The time for speculation is finally over and have consolidated the real data here for you!

Engine: 6.2L V8 – The most powerful V8 engine ever fitted to a production car.

Horsepower: 840

Torque: 770

Redline: 6,500 RPM

Boost Pressure: 14.5 psi

G-Forces: 1.8 off the line. The most of any production car ever made.

0-30: 1 Second

0-60: 2.3 Seconds. World’s fastest in a production car.

0-100: 5.1 Seconds

1/4 Mile: 9.65 Seconds

Top Speed: 180 mph

Supercharger: 2.7 Liters

The Demon also features exclusive engine internals, dual fuel pumps, and more crazy tech found only in this car.  For even more info, check out our source over at Road and Track, here.