The Fastest Lotus In History : The GT430 Sport

Lotus fans rejoice! The new, and fastest ever Lotus is here in the form of the new Evora GT430 Sport.  The GT430, already an extremely impressive performer by most accounts, was apparently too “slow”, with a top speed of 192 mph, so of course Lotus had to improve it by 4 mph.


Lotus reaches this new top speed by way of the classic Lotus mantra, “simplfy, then add lightness.” The GT430 Sport removes the many of the aero components of the GT430, including the wing, carbon fiber front splitter, wheel arch louvres, etc, with a resulting weight reduction of 10kg and a significant amount of aero drag, from 250kg at 190 mph to 100kg.

The GT430 sports full carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, front access panel, roof panel, and rear quarter panels, along side a one piece “duck-tail” style integrated spoiler. All this lightness equals an even more impressive power to weight ratio than the standard GT430.


The drivetrain carries directly over with the standard 3.5 liter V6 producing 430hp mated to either a manual or automatic transmission with the latter pushing the Lotus to 60 mph from 0 in 3.7 seconds.


In the opposite style of Porsche, Lotus drops the price along with all that aero by about 8 grand.


What do you think of the new, fastest Lotus ever? Let us know in the comments!


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