TVR Is Back In a Major Way: The 500 HP, V8 Griffith.

Revealed at Goodwood Revival,  the all new Cosworth V-8 powered TVR Griffith is the first car to come out of TVR under the leadership of its latest owners. For those out of the know, TVR is now owned by a private millionaire consortium fronted by Les Edgar which acquired the company four years ago from Russian Nikolai Smolensky. You’re not here for a history lesson though, you’re here to learn about this amazing new car.


The new TVR is a two-seater, V-8 powered, lightweight, supercar. The engine, a 5.0 liter, has been sourced from the Ford Mustang, but tuned and modified by legendary company, Cosworth. The platform also utilized the innovative and high tech “iSteam” architecture developed by Gordon Murray.


Output, as noted, is 500 HP, which when placed in the lightweight, 2,755 lb body, rockets the Griffith to 100 mph in just 6 seconds, according to Top Gear, and is done so with, get this, a manual transmission.


The car is expected to launch in 2019 but production numbers and distribution have not been announced.


What do you think of the new TVR? Let us know and check out more pictures below the break.




Source: Jalopnik , Autocar UK


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