Would You Pay $70,000 For a WRX Used In “Baby Driver”?

If you’ve been looking to acquire a bit of film and automotive history, now is your chance. Up for sale on Ebay today is the WRX used in the recent film Baby Driver. The film was a hit, earning itself a “Certified Fresh” 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Baby Driver  featured some great driving scenes, excellent tunes, and all together entertaining story line, especially in light of recent automotive tragedies like the The Fate of the Furious (which earned a 66%, if you were wondering).


The car, being sold by “lostboy3.5”  posted the listing, describing the vehicle by saying, “The WRX being sold was used as a stunt car in the movie “Baby Driver”.  This vehicle was converted to rear wheel drive and received an upgraded rear differentials as well as a 2004 STI turbo.  It was tuned by Doug Wilkes at DBW Motorsport.  This vehicle was also used in the music video for ‘Chase Me” by Danger Mouse, Big Boi & Run The Jewels.   It was also used by Subaru and Sony for the LA Premiere Red Carpet event. This is a running and driving car. It does have some dings and scratches from the filming of the movie. The overall condition is good. Email with questions.”

s-l1600 (3)

So is $70,000 a reasonable price for a modded and dinged up WRX with a lot of miles but a good bit of history too?

Let us know in the comments!




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