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The Grand Tour Hits Its Stride

The Grand Tour has had its fair share of both praise and criticism since the debut season last year. While there are certainly a large number of viewers who tune in purely to see their favorite motoring trio after their departure from Top Gear U.K., something Amazon was no doubt well aware of when offering the three men a hugely lucrative deal, and which they have taken advantage of to the fullest extent possible, using the show as a figurehead for Amazon Prime Video, there were still many who have not been convinced the show is all it could, or should, be.

The first season of The Grand Tour was frequently touted as being far too scripted, to silly, and not as focused on the machines as competitor Top Gear. While many of these criticisms simply missed the mark, failing to understand the obvious silliness Clarkson, Hammond, and May have always displayed, some were well founded.

Unlike many shows, it seems that Amazon, as well as producer Andy Wilman and the trio themselves, have taken much of the criticism to heart and the second season of The Grand Tour certainly reflects that. Gone is the maligned celebrity segment in which the guests met cheezy and untimely ends by way of various deaths, as is some of the more over the top scripted segments. In their place, TGT has added a more traditional celebrity interview format in which two celebs face off in a new Jaguar F-Type and the segments so far this season have been much more organic.

Celebrity Face Off The Grand Tour
Anthony Joshua, Bill Goldberg, and Jeremy Clarkson.

Jaguar F-Type

This weeks episode, which should now be available to everyone on Amazon Prime Video, is aptly titled “It’s a gas, gas, gas” and it certainly is. Richard Hammond, who is arguably the best of the trio in the role of reviewer, does so in the new Lamborghini Hurucan Performante to perfection. His passion, love of cars, and insights truly make this an excellent review that really raises the bar. Celebrity Face-Off has been doing well every episode and with the charismatic guests, this time was no different. The shining star of this episode, and in all regards, of the entire season so far, is no doubt Jeremy Clarkson’s documentary-style film about the epic clash between Audi and Lancia in 1983 during the FIA Group B World Rally Championship, the very last time a non-AWD vehicle won WRC. The WRC Group B Rally is an amazing page in automotive history, and I urge you to search the interwebs for films and stories about it, outside of The Grand Tour.

Jeremy Clarkson Audi and Lancia Group B Rally Cars

The film is done beautifully. It’s informative, exciting, and educational. Clarkson masterfully narrates the story of one of the greatest competitions in automotive history, comparing the clash between Lancia and Audi, to that between Ford and Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, and justifiably so. Automotive enthusiasts and those less inclined alike will be stirred by the story, the amazing videos showing how dangerous Group B really was, and learning about the drivers and their cars.

Episode 7 is a clear indication that The Grand Tour has certainly hit its stride and if it is any indication of the content we can expect in the future, then the future is bright.


Rude Porsche Dealer Proves Why You Should Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

In an article posted on Jalopnik, Tom McParland covers how a young man, Cody, was treated poorly recently while looking at a Porsche GT3RS ( Cody, by the way, could easily afford one) at a California Porsche dealership. The story was detailed on Cody’s Facebook page. While Tom was far too lenient about going after the dealership for it’s terrible customer service practices, it’s still a story that needs to be told.

Having been in the same exact situation before, I can totally relate to the man in the story. I’ve also had the exact opposite experience. In the end, it just helps narrow down where to spend your money.

Check out the story below and let us know your thoughts!


Photo Credit: Porsche of South Bay

Is the 2017 Civic Type R Doomed to The Same Fate as The Focus RS?

Recently, a blog post by a writer known as LJ909, on OppositeLock, surfaced in which they completed some local research on the Ford Focus RS at local dealerships. According to their research:

“…A quick search within 100 miles of me shows there are 55 Ford dealers. Of those 55 I would say over half have more than 2 RS’ on their lots. Some have more than 5: Caruso Ford in Long Beach has 8, San Bernardino Ford has 7, Galpin (of course) has 12, Ken Grody has 15.”


The writer goes on to hypothesize on why these cars are just sitting at the dealership, saying:

“Some dealers wouldn’t even let you touch the car. If you were under 40 or even looked like you were a boy racer type it was a no before you could even ask. Some dealers I heard wanted deposits and commitments to buy before test drives.”


“They all have 150-210 days on the lot. What are dealers going to do? Some are stubborn and still asking 10-20k over sticker. Some will budge, but not by much.”

So what did this have to do with the Civic Type R? Honda dealers are doing exactly the same thing. According to an article published by Car and Driver, while many Honda dealers are advertising the Type R at MSRP, few, if any, are actually willing to sell it to you at that price.


Car and Driver went so far as to call five random dealerships across the country about their Type R’s, and not one was willing to sell it at the advertised price, with markups ranging from $5,000 to $17,000 above MSRP.

So with Honda dealers greedily marking these cars up, far above their actual value, is the Type R doomed to sit and collect dust on the showroom? Will these dealers treat the Type R with the same “halo car” sense that should only be reserved for something like an NSX or GT-R, refusing to let possible buyers sit in, let alone drive the Type R?

Most likely.

Either way, enjoy this amazing video of the 2017 Civic Type R’s hot lap at the ring.

Let us know what you think in the comments, or if you’ve had an experience with the new Type R at any local dealership, let us know how it went.



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