Cadillac’s Newest Racer is a Carbon Fiber Beast

Following a 14 year absence from endurance racing, Cadillac is back with a bang. The company which is most famous for its luxurious rides has just unveiled a carbon fiber racecar.

The Cadillac DPi-V.R racecar is set to compete in the 2017 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship series. Its first race is going to be at the Rolex 24 at Daytona on January 28th and 29th.


The amazing vehicle sports a “naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine is perhaps the strongest link to Cadillac’s street cars, sharing the same basic architecture as the engine used in the third-generation CTS-V and fifth-generation Escalade. With IMSA-mandated air restrictors, the engine reaches peak power of 600 horsepower — slightly below the 640 ponies available in the supercharged CTS-V. Notably, the DPi-V.R’s overall weight is approximately half the CTS-V.”


According to Cadillac “The studio embraced the opportunity to interpret the Cadillac form language, line work and graphic signature for this premier prototype racing application,” said Cadillac global design director Andrew Smith. “Every detail of the final design was selected to support the car’s on-track performance and unmistakable Cadillac presence.”


If the looks of the car are any indication, Cadillac is back and they are serious about winning upon their return. It will be interesting to see how well they do and what kind of tricks the auto manufacturer has up their sleeves.

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Source: Left Lane


The Grand Tour Episode 3 Review: An Instant Classic

The naysayers and doubters who rose up following The Grand Tour’s somewhat shaky Episode 2 have now been silenced all at once by the majesty that was Episode 3. From start to finish this week’s episode of The Grand Tour was everything we love about Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May. This one, folks, will go down as a classic.

Episode 3 of The Grand Tour features the boys on a title adventure, a grand tour, through the European countryside with a series of beautiful stops along the way. Cars featured in the episode included an Aston Martin DB11, a Rolls Royce Dawn, and a Dodge Hellcat. Be sure and check out our articles on each one in the coming days. The episode also featured classic Top Gear-esque pranks, speed boats, race tracks, and Jeremy’s house being blown to smithereens! I fail to see how they could have done much better.


The show begins with the boys each selecting their aforementioned grand touring cars for the coming trip. James being the refined one of the group is, of course, driving the Rolls Royce. Jeremy chooses the Aston, an artful balance of power and style. Hammond being well, Hammond, chooses the delightfully tacky but oh so powerful American Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The three hosts exchange the classic jabs at one another we’ve come to know and love during their time on Top Gear hitting us right in the nostalgia. The trio sets off from the scenic city of Siena, Italy en route to another timeless location, Florence, Italy.

Along the way we get to see more of the trio doing what they love, and what we love watching. This, of course, includes May being annoyed, Jeremy being pompous, and Hammond acting like an idiot. The three tourers then head to the beautiful racetrack known as Mugello Circuit in Tuscany, Italy. While there the classy James May take an absence to practice his watercolors while Clarkson and Hammond duke it out on the circuit to see who’s car is the fastest ’round.


At this point, we come to the midpoint of the show where we are treated once again to the running segment Conversation Street. The segment which obviously is a replacement for the news segment on Top Gear has received mixed reviews up to this point and I don’t expect that to change anytime this season.  The trio discusses driving trends in the U.K.,local politics, precious gems, and of course cars. Jeremy also shows up Google in a surprise unveiling of his newest invention, a self driving car, so be sure and keep and eye out for it, or is poke your eyes out when you see it? You can be the judge of that. All around it’s an enjoyable segment with some good laughs, especially for those who appreciate a bit of British Humour.

After wrapping up in the studio, we start back up on the grand tour focvllowing a narrow victory ( you’ll have to watch to see who’s). Clarkson, Hammond, and May leave the circuit along with several of Hammond’s tires and travel to the Vicenza main square where Clarkson & May attempt to ditch Hammond with a cleverly thought out social media post. Leaving their friend behind the hosts head to their final destination of Venice, Italy. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t the only motoring show hosts who make it to this point and they get a bit wet finding out the hard way.


After finishing their grand tour the boys are back in the studio and we are once again graced with the Celebrity Brain Crash segment. I for one am a fan of this segment, but it seems audiences are split on it at the moment, and I don’t know if I can confidently say we will see it continue on into another season. This episode’s celebrity guest is Simon Pegg who meets with a bit of bad luck as is the usual for the show’s guests. Let’s just say his unfortunate end involves ice cream, seagulls, a bridge, and well, you’ll see soon enough if you haven’t already.

Episode 3 really ends with a bang. No seriously, a huge bang. There’s a massive explosion and it’s set off by none other than Mr. Boring, Captain Slow, James May! You may remember a certain bet from Episode 1 that an overconfident Jeremy Clarkson made with Richard Hammond and James May and in Episode 3 the terms of the bet come to fruition in this delightful show of fire. It’s the perfect way to end a perfect episode of The Grand Tour. I think it may have left the BBC shaking as they prepare the next season of Top Gear.


And on that terrible disappointment…

Jeremy Clarkson,Richard Hammond, & James May LIVE Q&A DRIVETRIBE Launch

Yesterday Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May hosted a live question and answer session on their new “Facebook for car enthusiasts site”, ironically on Facebook.  Their new Site “DRIVETRIBE” which officially launched Monday, November 28th, is open to everyone with a Facebook account (because that is the only way to sign in, and create an account). The trio introduced the new site a few months ago with teaser trailers, but otherwise very little information. Later on, they allowed a limited number of people to get early access as “Tribe Leaders” to play around on the site and start creating Tribes.

Jeremy, Hammond, and May, all have their own Tribes and have invited everyone to be among the first of their first followers. While each had great things to say about their own Tribes, when people asked the trio what they thought of each other’s Tribes, of course, they said, “They are Rubbish, all of it is just rubbish.” They did come to terms at a point, saying, “they are just different.”


During the live session today they also laid down what DRIVETRIBE is about, how to use it, and how you can become a Tribe Leader as well. If you would just like to follow other pages, you can do that too! Along with basic information about the site the three had some fun at each other’s expense, as you would expect. Jeremy joked that James May would create “What is the best type of screw driver” Tribe, after which James agreed that he just might do just that, even though it may not get much traffic.

The three took live questions from Facebook followers including “what type of Tribes you could create”. The trio explained that you could create a Tribe for almost anything. You could even create a Tribe for bicycles. While I don’t know if this Tribe would get much traffic, go for it you bicycle enthusiasts!  Richard Hammond even brought up that you could make a Tribe on the basis of hating cars and motoring all together, which while I would wonder why you even joined a website called DRIVETRIBE, you could still do it.


A few of the Tribes which were mentioned during the live stream were “shitty car Mods”. Which is a Tribe dedicated to posting poorly done vehicle modifications, “Curves, Soulful Driving” which has some interesting photos and videos including one of a man pretending to drive, that Clarkson made some fun of, joking that he didn’t have a wife, and a wide range of others.

In a separate interview regarding DRIVETRIBE, Richard Hammond even dared to ask the question “Wouldn’t you love to see a tribe of Traffic Wardens [Police]? I really hope that there are some Tribes that really set my teeth on edge. “He continued to say, “We have one tribe focusing on rusty trucks and another about dogs in cars,” showing off that there is already a huge variety of tribes. There is something for everyone, even non-motoring enthusiasts.


So what will your Tribe be? Will you be a Leader, a follower or both?Be sure and join the Grand Tour Nation Tribe!

Sources: Facebook, The Sun

Wash and Wax Your Car With Jay Leno

Ok, so maybe not the actual Jay Leno, but you can wax your car and more with Jay Leno’s new line of car care products. Launched on Friday, November 25th, Jay’s kit includes seven different products.

The entire kit, which has a retail price of $59.99 and is currently only available online, includes ash, cream wax, quick detailer, tire and trim dressing, wax and dressing applicator pads and a microfiber towel.


Now Jay is far from the first major automotive celebrity to come out with their own line of automotive products. Chip Foose has a wide range of products available as do entire shops like the in/famous West Coast Customs.

Jay released a statement along with the launch of his products, saying that he wanted to create the line because ““When you fix something with your hands, it gives you a sense of accomplishment,” Leno said in a statement. “A sense of self-worth. Then, when you actually get to drive and enjoy the fruits of your labor, the work becomes worth it.”


With the product being so new we couldn’t find any reviews of his products yet, so if you have gotten a chance to use them let us know what you think!


Ok say we can’t confirm that TRX stands for The Raptor Xterminator, but it definitely should right?

Today at the Texas State Fair, Fiat Chrysler’s Ram brand unveiled the possible new version of the Ram Rebel. The truck features an unprecedented, supercharged V-8 with an output of 575hp, and is capable of sustained driving at over 100mph. The TRX also features massive 37 inch tires, and 13 inches of suspension travel, almost 50% more than the standard Rebel.

The vice president of the Ram brand, Jim Morrison, said that it wasn’t an official trim level just yet, but that “we have to judge the reaction to it”, and “listen to our customers.” Making a jab at their competition, Morrison also made sure to note in the unveiling that the TRX had a horsepower output of over 100hp more than the Ford Raptor.

If Ram does decide to officially put the TRX into production, you can reasonably expect a few tweaks to the concept, but if Dodge wants to truly hit the ground running against the well-established Ford Raptor, they would do well to keep it close to the same performance numbers.

Ford has dominated the high performance truck market with their Raptor for over 5 years, and no one else has entered the ring as a true competitor. The TRX could finally change that. For now, we will just have to keep our fingers crossed. Check out more pictures after the break.



Ferrari has unveiled what can arguably be called one of the best looking convertibles to ever roll out of the Italian factory. It of course none other than the newest iteration of their legendary hypercar, the LaFerrari Aperta.  A roofless version of the already world famous LaFerrari coupe, the car has all the performance of its predecessor with the extra bonus of feeling the wind in your hair and getting an even better auditory performance from the cars amazing V12 engine, no longer inhibited by silly  things like a roof.


Limited to only, for now anyways, 209 productions, the car is as one would guess, already completely sold out, and in reality, has been so for months. Maybe you will be able to pick one up on the aftermarket, but expect to pay a healthy premium over the cars $2.1 million MSRP with current prices on the coupe going for over $5 million, asking price, in some cases.

The LaFerrari Aperta will still do 0-60 in under 3 seconds, has an impressive drag coefficient matching that of the hardtop, and has a top speed of 220mph.

There’s no doubt about it, the prancing pony has still got it. Check out the pictures after the break.


Source: Ferrari, Autoblog

The Best Enthusiast Cars of 2016 (Under 100k)

Here at Garagizta, we are dedicated to the everyday enthusiast! It is in this spirit that we have compiled our list of the best enthusiast cars for 2016 (under 100k). Sure there may be some hypercars or supercars that drive better or put down faster lap times, but those are left for the select few in that income bracket. All of these cars can be purchased, for the most part, by a wide variety of people, and even more important, they are all amazing driver’s cars. Fast, fun, great handling, exciting, and affordable. Check them out, and let us know what you think!

1-      Ford Mustang GT350R

The GT350R tops our list for the best enthusiast car for 2016 for a multitude of reasons. It’s impressive power from the fantastic flat plane crank V8, it’s superb handling characteristics, and it’s jaw dropping good looks are but a few. Add all of this to the incredible bargain of a price ($63,495), especially if you can find one that hasn’t been ridiculously marked up by dealers for “market adjustment”, and you have a car that without a doubt, deserves the number one spot.

2-      Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

Small, lightweight, gorgeous design, and a delightfully easy to operate drop top. What does that describe? The number two car on our Best Enthusiast Cars of 2016. The Fiat 124 Spider takes the tried and true formula of the Mazda Miata, throws in a healthy dose of Italian flare, a sexy exhaust note, and gives you one fantastic car for the driving enthusiast. Those looking for high horsepower should look elsewhere, but for those who want to really enjoy the driving experience as a whole, look no further. Take note FRS/BRZ, this is how you make a small, lightweight, and fun to drive car.

3-      Chevrolet Camaro SS

The newest iteration of the American classic showcases a host of impressive upgrades. Redesigned body styling provides a much more modern look and much needed overhaul to the Camaro. The 16′ model has also improved upon the often maligned interior, which Chevy has always had issues with. In addition to aesthetics, the Camaro SS increases horsepower and loses weight, both welcome changes, and also provides an increase to handling and ride quality with now available Magnetic Ride Control suspension. The Camaro is also an excellent deal priced far below many other brands in terms of performance per dollar.

4-      Porsche Cayman GT4

The most expensive car on our list (per MSRP) the Cayman offers one of the very best driving experiences available, making it well worth the price. The GT4, making excellent power to weight, partly due to Porsche including components from the fabled 918, is also one of the lightest vehicles on the list, beaten only by the Fiat. The GT4 has been widely reviewed as one of the best sports cars available and the best bang for the buck you can get from Porsche. Add this to the car being a comfortable daily driver, and a true track weapon, and you have a car which undoubtedly belong on any top list of cars for 2016.

5-      BMW M2

The Germans round out our list with the excellent M2. Hailed by some journalists as being the true successor to the much loved previous generations of the BMW M3, the M2 provides power, style, refinement, and all the driving prowess you’ve come to expect from the M series. Unlike the tacky looking M4 GTS, the M2 still looks powerful, yet subtle, and possesses a wonderful turbocharged, inline-six cylinder with an output of 365hp. An excellent choice for those who want to display a certain image while retaining a car they can hoon about in on the weekends or the drive home from work, the M2 is no doubt one of the best enthusiast cars of 2016.


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