The Alfa Romeo 4C Has a Terrible Design Flaw

No car is perfect. Maybe the driver’s seat sits a little too high or the visibility isn’t great, but these flaws are usually easy to forgive. Some cars, however, have huge design flaws that make you wonder what exactly the designers were thinking. That’s the case with the Alfa Romeo 4C and the ridiculously complicated procedure used in order to do something as simple as check and refill the car’s washer fluid.

Posted over a year ago by Bob-Boy Alfa Romeo Fiat on their YouTube channel here, but blowing up on various social media and automotive channels today, is this video of the process used to complete a check and fill of the Alfa’s insanely placed washer fluid reservoir. The process is far from typical requiring special tools and even actual disassembly of part of the vehicle.

What do you think? Is this one of the worst design decisions on a car? Does it add to the character of the car, or does it simply make the car more of a headache to own? Personally, I would probably forget about it until it was empty and then put off refilling it as long as possible!

What other cars have you owned or seen that have crazy designs like the Alfa Romeo 4C? Let us know in the comments!


The Stig Takes on The Dodge Viper ACR Around The Top Gear Track

If you’re any kind of a petrolhead than you know that the Dodge Viper has always been a car notorious for being a handful to drive, especially in the hands of someone lacking in experience. In this case, the car couldn’t be in better hands, as the person behind the wheel is none other than the infamous Stig. Taking the newest and most track-focused edition of the Viper, the ACR or American Club Racer, if you’re so inclined, around the Top Gear test track the Stig was able to push the car into one of the top five spots of the fastest cars to ever go around the Top Gear track.

While the Stig was able to put down an impressive time, judging by what we can see from the in-car footage it was anything but a walk in the park. The Dodge Viper ACR boasts nearly 650 HP with a curb weight of only about 3,400 lbs. That’s a recipe for a handful in any car, but the Stig manages to charm the snake and it’s powerful V-10 engine in spectacular fashion. Check out the video below!

Now that’s driving! Did you flinch when he hit that corner too? That had to have hurt the ol’ keister just a bit.  If you’re wondering, the lap time was an impressive 1.15.1. With so many lap records to its name, we shouldn’t be surprised that the Viper did so well on the Top Gear track, but it’s always a pleasure to see what such a great driver can do with a car that has so much potential.

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Source: Top Gear/BBC

Jeremy Clarkson’s Review of The Alfa Romeo Giulia Was Perfect

It’s no secret that The Grand Tour is far more than just a simple car show. There’s been pranks, scripted films, debates, scenery, in general, a lot of content that hasn’t been completely car related.

Naturally, this has gotten more than a few hardcore petrolheads to speak up on social media. I’ve noticed a growing number of people remarking that The Grand Tour has yet to do an actual review of a car since the show started, or at least one that you could actually call a real review, not just a glossed over bit with the typical Top Gear-esque film style. Well, that’s all over now, because in this week’s episode, Jeremy did an actual review of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and it was brilliant.

In the film, Jeremy covers all the proper bits we’ve come to expect from a truly great Clarkson review. He covers the performance, the styling, the comfort, everything you expect. Jeremy even get’s a bit philosophical, stating at one point, “If you’re going to form a relationship with a car, if you’re going to develop a bond, it’s got to have human qualities, and if it’s gonna human qualities its got to have faults.” It’s statements like that which truly set Jeremy apart as one of the best when it comes to talking about cars.

Nearing the end of the film Jeremy sums it up perfectly, as he has a great talent for doing, by saying “you can’t be a true petrolhead until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo, and the trouble is I’ve always known, there’s no Alfa Romeo a true petrol head would actually want to buy. There is now, though, there is now.”

If you’re one of those who has been waiting for a proper review, the wait is over. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, “this is a fabulous car, an epic car…” and to borrow a few words from Jeremy, this is a masterpiece, an absolute gem.

The Grand Tour Namibia Special: Best Moments, Part 2

Continuing on with our collection of best moments, we pick back up with part 2 of the Namibia special. Let us know what your favorite moments or if we picked the best ones!

6- Para-failing


In an attempt to spot poachers from the air, the trio decides to give parasailing a try. This almost immediately goes awry. Ironically, right after Clarkson remarks how there is no wind at all, his sail immediately fills with air taking his crew and himself for a tumble right into Hammond!

7- When Hamsters Fly


After tranquilizing Hammond in a night hunt for poachers, Clarkson and Hammond graciously decide to give their co-host a first class flight in the morning rather than forcing him to catch-up by road. Hammond surprisingly is less than enthusiastic…

8- Knob Wars


In retaliation, to get back at May for his idea to take a terrible off-path foray in order to avoid the relentlessly bumpy road, Clarkson and Hammond retrofit May’s buggy with a rather cheeky new gear shift knob. This of course, annoys May to no end and what ensues along the road afterward can only be described as a knob war.

9- Revenge is a Burning Buggy


While working on his carefully crafted revenge on Clarkson for the gear knob joke, May carelessly makes the mistake of setting his own buggy aflame in hilarious fashion. It would seem revenge is not May’s strongpoint.

10- Highwire Hammond


The end is near, the finish line is in sight, and Hammond is stuck only a few meters away on a highwire over crocodile infested waters. Perhaps his co-hosts are to blame but we will most likely never know, as that is where he was last seen at the end of the special. Does he survive? We can only hope.

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The Grand Tour Namibia Special: Best Moments, Part 1

Clarkson, Hammond, & May were back this week with another classic holiday special, this time in the beautiful country of Namibia, where they trek through the country in custom made beach buggies.  The first part of the epic journey featured hauntingly beautiful desert scenery, ghostly shipwrecks, and plenty of seals!

*Spoiler Alert* We’ve compiled some of the best moments from the episode here for your viewing pleasure. Let us know what your favorite moments were in the comments, and be sure to like and share!

1- No Beer For Old Men


Hammond pulls a quick one on his thirsty cohorts this time. As the trio enjoys some freshly caught fish, Richard offers them all a beer and much to their dissatisfaction, there is none to be had. A joke which quickly turned Clarkson and May against the Hamster!

2- The Sea Approaches! 


The boys cut it close as they double back on themselves in an attempt to find a path to their destination. Funny, exciting, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Another epic moment.

3- Hammond Dies, Well Almost


While the trio often jokes about killing one another, in this moment Clarkson seems genuinely concerned that his tiny friend may have finally bit the dust as his buggy veers over a massive dune crest. Rest assured he managed to survive somehow, but a harry situation nonetheless.

4- Survival


At last, after countless hours, massive dunes, almost getting caught up in the tide, and getting lost more than once, the boys actually succeed in crossing the desert and they find a road to civilization. James May literally dances from happiness. Enough said.

5- Left For Dead


Nearing the end of part 1, the trio of motoring hosts has finally reached their road and is headed to their next destination when in classic fashion one of them breaks down. This time it’s Clarkson who suffers a coolant loss and suspension issue. Continuing their dependable hi-jinks, instead of helping Clarkson, Hammond and May decide to leave their co-host to depend on the help of some passing stranger as they head off for a much-deserved beer.

So what do you think? Are these the best moments from Part 1 of the Namibia Special? Let us know what you would add to the list or why you loved these moments too in the comments!

BBC Decides to Bet Big On Celebrities, Not Cars, in Season 24 of Top Gear

It’s no secret that one of the most controversial segments in the premier season of The Grand Tour is Celebrity Brain Crash. The segment briefly features celebrities who are to appear on the show as guests but instead meet with untimely ends before they are able to.


It is also well known that the BBC has threatened legal action, as we reported here, if The Grand Tour did feature celebrity guests on their show in the same style in which they appeared on Top Gear. It would seem that all of this legal nonsense was for a reason. The BBC has recently hired famed celebrity booker from The One Show, Tom Fenner to book celebs for Top Gear. According to Art of Gears, Tom has “a well-earned reputation of attracting A-List stars for shows that normally would not be able to.” Such stars include Bruce Willis, Jennifer Aniston, and Russell Crowe.


In Top Gear’s last, and very poorly received season, it was as though the BBC was simply booking any celebrity they could get their hands on, many of which it seemed almost no one had ever heard of. These bookings coupled with the gang of presenters and it only helped to further muddy the waters of the once heralded automotive show.

Matt Feigen, of Art of Gears, made an excellent point saying:

“It would seem that the executives at Top Gear are forgetting a big part of the celebrity equation. Jeremey Clarkson has a way of talking to them that made them open up. Unless he surprises me, Matt LeBlanc has no experience interviewing celebrities. Clarkson’s warmth and touch while talking with guests are what made the segments so memorable.”


It seems that the BBC may be taking a page out of The Grand Tour’s playbook and steering away from being as car focused as they were in previous seasons and instead focusing on celebrities and developing their new hosts. This news, coupled with a very disappointing teaser trailer, and it looks like Top Gear may be headed further downhill.

Source: Art of Gears

Australian Man Spends $1.5 Million Bank Error on Cars, Drugs, and Women

We’ve all had the fantasy. What would you do if you suddenly had millions of dollars in your bank account and you could spend it on anything you wanted? Well, that is exactly what happened to one particular Australian man.

According to the  Mirror and later by Jalopnik, a 22-year-old Australian man  Luke Moore happened upon a massive bank error which ultimately allowed him to have a practically unlimited amount of money at any time.  Naturally, the man (pictured below) decided to live out all of our fantasies.


At the time that Luke discovered the error he was about £5,300 in debt. Rather quickly he was out of said debt and living a life of a millionaire playboy. Luke treated himself to several luxurious holidays, an Aston Martin, a Maserati, and a Boat.

As is the case with most stories like this, the authorities caught up with the newly wealthy Mr. Moore and he was arrested on charges of fraud.


It would seem that lady luck favors Mr. Moore to this day, though, as he successfully appealed his conviction just last week arguing that his actions were not deceptive and he was released.

In a strange and ironic turn, Luke has decided to pursue an education in criminal law, and has for the time being moved in with his mother and is enjoying a healthy diet of instant noodles. So what does he have to say after living the high life?


“I pull more chicks now with $20 in my pocket than I did when I was splashing the bank’s cash.

“With age comes wisdom and confidence and I’ve learned money doesn’t buy everything — but it was great while it lasted.”

Well said, Mr. Moore. Well said.

Sources: Jalopnik, Mirror

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