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Rude Porsche Dealer Proves Why You Should Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

In an article posted on Jalopnik, Tom McParland covers how a young man, Cody, was treated poorly recently while looking at a Porsche GT3RS ( Cody, by the way, could easily afford one) at a California Porsche dealership. The story was detailed on Cody’s Facebook page. While Tom was far too lenient about going after the dealership for it’s terrible customer service practices, it’s still a story that needs to be told.

Having been in the same exact situation before, I can totally relate to the man in the story. I’ve also had the exact opposite experience. In the end, it just helps narrow down where to spend your money.

Check out the story below and let us know your thoughts!



Photo Credit: Porsche of South Bay


17 Vehicles Seized By California Police to Be Released

Justice Has Prevailed

In a case that has been what could be considered sketchy at best, in which the City of Orange Police Department seized 17 high end sports and exotic cars for what was seemingly no reason at all, other than they were loosely affiliated with a bicycle accident, in which the bicyclist was at fault, justice has prevailed. The story, previously reported on Jalopnik, has taken a turn for the best, at least for the car owners. Word has come down both from an owner of one of the vehicles in question as well as the law firm representing the case, that the group has been victorious in court and the vehicles are being released.
While details are slim at the moment, there is obviously a joyous celebration from the owners who were given no reason for the seizure. It is also been reported that several of the seized vehicles have been driven “spiritedly” while in police possession. The police department has responded that this was simply for testing although that seems to be a weak excuse for a joyride at best.
In a state which is extremely strict on vehicles and drivers, it would not have been a surprise to see a much more negative turn of events for the vehicle owners. There is talk that the owners may turn and sue the department due to the extremely unusual and possibly illegal police activities, but that is still to be seen. Either way, chalk one well deserved victory point up to the enthusiasts.