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Top Gear America Episode 7: The Best [Review]

At this point in the season, with only one episode left to review, it’s safe to say that the new hosts of Top Gear America are finally getting their mojo. The awkwardness of the first episodes is dissipating and you can see some real chemistry starting to develop. It’s this chemistry that made the original Top Gear trio so special to watch and if they can get even a quarter of what those three had, then TGA has got a bright future ahead of it.

This episode’s theme is “the best”. To start the show, and for its longest segment, the fellas have the challenge of finding and competing in the best car they can buy for $7,000. I’d be surprised if some car enthusiasts of the 90’s/ early 2000’s don’t get a bit of nostalgia from from this bit. I know I did!7kcars

While the choices are a bit obvious, the challenges, including a drag race, street circuit, and track lap by the Stig, not to mention some unexpected trouble, make for some solid entertainment.


The rest of the episode is surprisingly SUV focused.  Antron and Bill debate over what makes the best SUV while making their way to a gorgeous scenic view, showcasing a classic 1951 Chevy Suburban, a Cadillac Escalade, and a 1978 Jeep Wagoneer.

It’s a classic debate of old vs new, and in this case, I think old wins. Plus, you get more of Bill’s trademark Americana speeches, which I don’t think anyone has gotten tired of.


Episode 7 also features guest star, Xzibit, who absolutely deserves a mention for giving us this seasons most exciting guest lap, so far.


The episode wraps up with Antron reviewing the new Maserati Levante, Maserati’s foray into SUV territory.


While the segment ends with one of the Levante’s front tires going flat, I can say assuredly that Top Gear America hasn’t.


We give Episode 7, four out of 5 stars.



Australian Man Spends $1.5 Million Bank Error on Cars, Drugs, and Women

We’ve all had the fantasy. What would you do if you suddenly had millions of dollars in your bank account and you could spend it on anything you wanted? Well, that is exactly what happened to one particular Australian man.

According to the  Mirror and later by Jalopnik, a 22-year-old Australian man  Luke Moore happened upon a massive bank error which ultimately allowed him to have a practically unlimited amount of money at any time.  Naturally, the man (pictured below) decided to live out all of our fantasies.


At the time that Luke discovered the error he was about £5,300 in debt. Rather quickly he was out of said debt and living a life of a millionaire playboy. Luke treated himself to several luxurious holidays, an Aston Martin, a Maserati, and a Boat.

As is the case with most stories like this, the authorities caught up with the newly wealthy Mr. Moore and he was arrested on charges of fraud.


It would seem that lady luck favors Mr. Moore to this day, though, as he successfully appealed his conviction just last week arguing that his actions were not deceptive and he was released.

In a strange and ironic turn, Luke has decided to pursue an education in criminal law, and has for the time being moved in with his mother and is enjoying a healthy diet of instant noodles. So what does he have to say after living the high life?


“I pull more chicks now with $20 in my pocket than I did when I was splashing the bank’s cash.

“With age comes wisdom and confidence and I’ve learned money doesn’t buy everything — but it was great while it lasted.”

Well said, Mr. Moore. Well said.

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