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Porsche 911 GT2RS: The Most Powerful 911, Ever.

Porsche describes the new 911 GT2RS as ” A perfect vehicle that combines power, precision, agility, speed, and endurance with maximum performance. The same qualities that a parkour runner – a so-called traceur – also uses to move around.” and we couldn’t agree more.


The new 911 GT2RS  is the most powerful 911 to ever come out of Germany with 700HP at its disposal. That power is enough to rocket the Porsche for 0-60mph in 2.8 flat, and if we know anything about Porsche’s amazing PDK system, it will do it consistently, time after time.


The car makes a point to shed weight from its already extremely capable chassis. The engineers at Porsche utilized titanium, magnesium, and carbon fiber (oh my), to lower the weight of the car to a mere 3,240 pounds. If you want even more lightweight goodies, the Weissach package adds carbon anti-roll bars and magnesium wheels, cutting weight by another 66 pounds.


How did Porsche manage to reach 700 horsepower in the famous flat-six? Well, they started by adding to large turbochargers alongside a water cooling system which sprays the cooling system to reduce air temperatures allowing increased boost levels.


While the new GT2RS forgoes a manual option, it’s hard to see anyone being disappointed by this “unyielding”, as Porsche describes it, machine. What may hurt buyers is the approximate $300,000 price tag, but if you’re shopping at this price level, perhaps it’s not an issue.

Check out the video below.

What do you think of the new GT2RS? Did Porsche hit it out of the park? Let us know in the comments!


Video and Image Credit: Porsche